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Recently, we are building a tool with a long sliding rod size D=10.00mm, length=220.00mm,which is engaged in side sliding insert as a seal off contact, see attached picture,the original steel chosen was H-13,after reviewing the tool drawing specifically, we released the H-13 with 56HRC might iccur breaking easily,then we come up with another option maybe Moldmax will be a favorable replacement,here comes the problem, the diameter is 10.00 mm with 6.00mm cooling line within, which means the wall thickness will be 2.00mm, which caused a milling issue.the rod is 220.00mm, which make it hard make it.then we thought anther steel S136H, which is a pre-harden steel with high tenacity, what do you think?

I just found those DME cooling components are greatly useful in a small and long insert rod.


Here comes the T1 samples.

Date: Nov. 15th 2019

We recently are working on design and produce a Militery Headset.

#1   Original concept design

#3 Samples and assembly testing