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Our services included plastic mold design, plastic mold making, Prototyping making , moldflow analysis , precise machining, Sourcing, OEM services, ODM services.



Elite Mold is a specializing plastic mold manufacturer , has been a leading injection mold factory of high tonnage custom and large part injection molding thanks to our one-stop facility in China, specializing in injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for mold design, prototype mold, Moldflow analysis, precise machining, and resourcing. The custom plastic mold service from Elite Mold can meet all your needs for injection mold, and the plastic injection mold can be made to your satisfaction. Elite Mold as a plastic mould manufacturer, we comprehensive plastic injection molding services help our clients save money, reduce overhead, cut down on time to market, and increase their overall product quality. This is why we’re the plastic mold manufacturer of choice for businesses across in china.

We’ve mastered putting together a complete injection molding manufacturing strategy, and we have the tools necessary to serve the needs of businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Our mission has always been to help our customers produce as many quality products as possible for our coustom needs in any shape or size.

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Elite Mold as a plastic mold manufacturer with more than 15 years plastic mold making and Plastic injection molding experience, we specializing in supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, plastic mold making, Prototyping making , moldflow analysis , precise machining, Sourcing, OEM services, ODM services, building custom plastic injection molding and so on. We have 25 patents in the plastic mold industry, we operates with plastic injection presses ranging from 100T to 1500T operating 24/6. Over 50 experienced employees and dozens of mold designers to drivers over 400 top quality dies and molds a year to many of the world's best company.

We also provide a wide range of product solutions for the free 3D drawing, die casting, machined components and all diffent types of plastic parts manufacturing. We can reduicet the production cost by the mold design, mold making, and olastic raw material procurement. We always seeking innovation to make high-quality and precision molds in a wide range of areas, such as automotive parts, medical parts, industrial parts, plastic parts etc. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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Elite Mold is a plastic injection mold manufacturer, we are happy to share with you in time abour mold industry, China manufacturing for Plastic mold making, mold drawing, plastic mold design, mold prototype, mold assembly, plastic assembly, mold heat treatment process, CNC machining, mold manufacturering equiment, plastic engineering, plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding manufacturing, mold testing, plastic raw material prices, latest mold technology, mold supply chain news. Constantly pursue innovation and excellence, and re interpret and influence the evolution of mold industrial with a unique modern vision, we will continuously provide the best products and service to all industry sectors.

Plastic Injection Molding

Elite mold believe plastic injection molding is a complex process of manufacturing products that involves injecting molten plastic into a mold in order to produce a product with a specific shape & size. This process of plastic injection molding is frequently used in the production of products such as plastic bottles, plastic toys, plastic autoparts, plastic furniture. Injection molding is a versatile process that can be used to produce both simple and complex items. We is a China mold manufacturer houses all kinds of plastic mold equipment ranging from 100 tons to 1500 tons so that you can be confident we have the equipment you need for your plastic molding manufacturing requirements. Elite mold also offer numerous secondary services such as finishing, machining, and part decorating services. Elite Mold offers a range of value-added finishing services including painting,texturizing,coating, and plating. We can assemble, package, warehouse, and ship your final product.

Plastic Injection Mold Making

Plastic injection mold making is the process of creating a negative form or shape, usually out of a material such as metal, plastic or rubber. Materials used in mold making include metals, plastics(ABS plastic, PC plastic, PA6 plastic, PP plastic, POM plastic, PBT plastic, PE plastic, HDPE plastic, PVC plastic, HDPE plastic, PET plastic, PPS plastic, TEFLON plastic, PMMA plastic, PU plastic, SMC/BMC plastic, PAI plastic, LCP plastic and PC/ABS plastic), ceramics, wood, foam, and more, used to create a positive form or replica of the original by pouring a liquid material such as plaster or resin into the negative form. After the plstic mold making process is complete, the tool is built to the design specification and then mold testing. Our in-house tooling engineers ensure that the plastic injection mold we build for you will be built to your print’s secifications and tolerances(0.01%). Elite mold will build your tools based on your tooling cost, material, and life-of-tool requirements to ensure the quality of your coustom plastic part.

Prototype mold

Prototype mold is a type of mold that is made from a variety of materials, such as plastic materials, metal materials, or rubber materials. prototype mold can be used to create a variety of shapes, including small plastic part, and plastic component, as well as larger objects, such as baby car component, plastic autoparts, plastic furniture. A prototype mold is not suitable for mass production, beacuse take the hight cost and take the long production cycle; It can use as a bridge between the prototyping and mass production stages. Faster prototyping techniques are 3D printing, SLA and vacuum casting. Elite mold can take your mold idea begin to come to life with the fabrication of functional prototypes, scale models, short run production, and visual prototypes. Elite mold engineers can build your prototype based entirely around how you plan on using it. We supply the rapid prototyping services allow you to test a part while still in the design phase—saving you time and money by validating the part’s form, fit, and function before moving on to coustom plastic part production. Our in-house rapid prototype approach includes machining,fuse deposition (SLA), and low-cost tools for functional prototypes, scale models, short-term.

Plastic Injection Mold Design

Elite mold believe mold design is a precise engineering technology, precision repeatability and cost-effectiveness are the key focuses of everything for elt mold manufacture. We provide custom plastic injection mold design or can fine-tune existing design for you. Elite mold as a plastic mold maker, our mold design engineer will design the structural type of the plastic mold according to the customer's actual product needs and processing conditions, and also consider the injettion molding process requirements of mold manufacturing, assembly, and debugging. When designing the plastic mold, the size and precision requirements of the plastic mold will be fully considered to ensure the quality of the product. In addition, the design of our plastic mold will also consider its mechanical properties, heat treatment, surface treatment, polishing and other technical requirements to ensure the normal use of the mold. Our mold designer create custom mold, mold runners, mold tooling, and mold fixtures for virtually any plastic injection molding method and for part sizes ranging from micro-components to oversized parts.

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By co-operating with Elite Mold, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified plastic mold manufacturer, Elite Mold as a plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, prototype makings, mold flow analysis, precise machining, OEM services, ODM services and so on, building custom plastic injection molding. We are committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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