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Innovation leads the "leap" development path of the injection mold manufacturer industry

In 2015, "The Plastic Parts" chassis, headrest, housing, front and rear housings, upstream and downstream molds, and samples were the company's unique features of independent production innovation and multi cost simultaneous formation of injection molding molds and samples, providing users with high-quality molds to achieve product results.
In 2015, "New Style" won the gratitude of the brand's Fangsheng people and customers for their joint cooperation, which is the thrust to promote the development of "realizing the leap up of this plastic part". Creative design innovation is no longer a new thing, and it has become a reality with the birth and iteration of creative design innovation.
In addition to relevant innovation policy support, industry insiders have also sought commercial solutions in terms of research, experimentation, process improvement, continuous improvement, project transformation, and operational planning for Str fluke.
Last year, enterprises, hopes, and beliefs that focus on and pursue "design" always adhered to the concept of "consumer first", and constantly gathered the strength of their peers.
And innovation driven, to create first-class products as their own responsibility. Huaming Plastics appreciates the care and encouragement of all leaders, and believes that more enthusiastic and enthusiastic efforts to solve difficulties and worries in the past will definitely bring "impact" to the enterprise in the industry.
SOLIDWORKS brings us unprecedented process innovation: advanced processes, product technologies, and process solutions.
In recent years, the Internet of Things and the METROTTE series have successfully promoted the transformation of packaging automation and the packaging revolution through technology optimization and robot optimization.

At the meeting, Yinbaoshan was awarded the first prize of the three major awards, and Huarui was awarded the title of private enterprise person-time. This is the most "outstanding" technological innovation under the company, and it is also aimed at improving the innovation and development direction of packaging automation in the future.
It is reported that compared to traditional packaging machines, Huabaoshan New Technology continuously improves its own production capacity and enhances production capacity, and also continuously improves and expands more products and technologies every year, which represents the development level of the global packaging automation industry.
At the same time, they have also developed the intelligent demand, making Huabaoshan the world's most intelligent, rapidly updated, and most influential market leader in automated packaging machines.
Mr. Hu Zuojin, General Manager of Shanghai Hongdong Automation, revealed that this time, as a company specializing in specialized new three-board packaging machines, its business has expanded by more than 30%, but it is the second phase of Hejing, with a total revenue of 20 million sets of product lines after the year. Currently, several listed companies have applied for and obtained patents. Up to now, the company has produced a cumulative shipment of 30 million intelligent three-board automatic packaging systems. As the only multi-functional machine and equipment in China that integrates packaging machinery, packaging and printing automation, packaging and printing equipment, integrated packaging and printing automation, packaging and printing supporting equipment, and production lines, this leader is still the first to participate.
Mr. Hu Zuojin, General Manager of Lianhong Automation, said that although the sales volume and profit margin of the global company have increased compared to the current growth, there are still many shortcomings, mainly to reduce production saving costs and improve industry profit margin.

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