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How to select a plastic injection mold dealer

How to choose a plastic injection mold distributor? With the opening of Industry 40, there are more and more manufacturers producing various plastic products, and the real needs and evaluations of users for plastic injection molds are also diverse. Therefore, the price and price of plastic injection molds are issues of concern to many users. Therefore, the price of plastic injection molds is related to the price. With the increasing demand of users, plastic mold manufacturers pay great attention to the design of plastic molds. In order to facilitate the processing of plastic molds by users, plastic mold manufacturers should pay attention. In order to facilitate user operation, it is necessary to select a suitable plastic mold. The functions of plastic molds include not only production requirements, but also process performance and material quality. Let's learn about the manufacturing process of plastic molds. If the above is about plastic molds.
Molded parts require demolding. In order to avoid product deformation, first of all, the structure of the plastic mold must meet the effective structure of the plastic injection mold on the product. In order to ensure the smooth release of plastic parts from the mold, it is usually necessary to adopt a symmetrical structure. The precision of molded parts after demolding is higher than that of plastic parts (such as punch molds), so it is necessary to have sufficient hardness to ensure that the mold obtains the due dimensional accuracy, and the dimensional accuracy must also be guaranteed.
Compared to metal parts, plastic parts have better strength, but their costs are much higher. The larger the size of plastic mold parts, the higher the accuracy and service life. Therefore, when selecting a plastic mold, in addition to the above basic principles, the following factors that may affect the strength and stiffness of the plastic mold should also be considered.
Upper mold, bottom plate, upper mold ejector, lower mold base plate, guide post, positioning pin sleeve, mold ejector pin hole, and other components.
Ejector, guide pillar, guide sleeve, ejector pin, inclined guide pillar, ejector rod (SVC), guide pillar assistant, bushing, etc.
The pouring system refers to the part of the flow path before the plastic enters the mold cavity from the nozzle, including the main flow path, the cold cavity, the shunt path, and the gate. The pouring system, also known as the pouring system, is a group of feeding channels that guide plastic melt from the injection machine nozzle to the mold cavity, usually composed of a main flow path, a shunt path, a gate, and a cold cavity. It is directly related to the molding quality and production efficiency of plastic products.
Feed and injection nozzle forms. It mainly consists of a gate, a diversion channel, a gate, and a cold material cavity. In terms of structure, they should consider how to design and strengthen the wear resistance of the plastic shell cold well to reduce the impact strength of the plastic shell.
The basic point of plastic shell mold design is that the molding requirements of plastic parts meet the structural quality required by the plastic parts and the matching status of molding machines. The requirements for the operation level of molding workers are relatively high, and the appearance quality of plastic parts has a significant impact on the molding quality of plastic parts.

Heat treatment process of mold steel. The heat treatment process for plastic parts is quenching, sometimes requiring annealing. Different plastic parts require different heat treatment processes. The materials used for mold embryos are generally different.

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