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This type of plastic injection molding manufacturer's products successfully break through the market

This type of mold manufacturer's products are overhauled all the way to ensure the entire mold life. In recent times, there has been a period of time when a large number of molds, especially the overall mold size accuracy is not sufficient, leading to mold not being correctly guaranteed, but also making relative use of the main mold components. Therefore, only design optimization can be carried out. Optimize the performance of molding materials, reduce mold maintenance costs and mold costs, so as to meet mold design requirements. From the perspective of mold cost, the mold needs to be put into mass production again, but the use of the mold will greatly shorten the production time, and the service life of the mold can at least improve its service life.
Because the life of the mold has been increased by no less than 80 times, the scrap rate of the mold is as high as 16. Like electronic product molds, injection molding molds that require injection molding of materials require the use of ABS materials, as well as various toughening agents. Plastic mold, complex and easy to split plastic mold.
With the current development of plastic molds in China, the plastic mold industry has also achieved great development. As we all know, plastic molds, as a tool for making plastic molds, play an important role in various fields. As an indispensable thing for the mother of industry, molds play a significant role. So what are the precautions for the maintenance of plastic molds.

● The parting surface of the working plastic mold base must be properly trimmed. Core, cavity, fastening pin, gasket, pull rod, ejector rod, guide post, guide sleeve, reset rod, and fixed and flexible, when conditions are suitable, safety protection devices should be installed.

The pressing device and material returning device for plastic molds are flexible in operation, high in operation accuracy, and convenient in operation.
If you want to extend the service life of a mold, daily maintenance is necessary. Only by providing timely maintenance can the service life of the mold be extended< eod>。

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