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Tips for responding to inquiries about plastic injection molds: How to negotiate the price

Tips for responding to inquiries about plastic injection molds: How to negotiate the price. Quotation principle of plastic injection mold: This mold refers to the mold used to make molded articles. Different structures and functions, as well as the number of injection mold cavities for manufacturing different products, are very complex in structure and shape, and therefore require relatively high structural parameters. Model meaning: This mold refers to a mold that can be used for injection molding, with a complex structure that can improve the quality of injection molding by shortening the injection time, which is why plastics can be molded under low pressure within the time difference of injection molding. The crystallization ability of plastic materials is a comprehensive factor that determines their quality and process parameters. The requirements for the crystallization ability of plastics should be high, with various modified materials such as PA, PO, PVA, PO, PS, CL, HIPS, UL, PA, PO, and HI. However, injection molding generally cannot meet its process requirements. For plastics with poor fluidity and plastics with poor fluidity, appropriate injection molding processes should be selected based on the use and structural characteristics of injection molded parts, To achieve an ideal injection molding process. The flow properties of different plastic materials are different, such as PP, PA, PS, ABS, PC, HI, POM, PS, PA, HI, and other materials with high stress resistance, thermal stability, and resistance to vibration, stress absorption, and other processing and molding characteristics. The basic requirements for injection molding design are to provide a glossy surface on the surface of the plastic part in addition to meeting the performance requirements.
Choosing an injection molding process to achieve efficient and high-quality processing and molding is very difficult. It is necessary to closely cooperate between the mold and the injection molding process to achieve effective cost control. The friction coefficient between molds is large and easy to wear. High speed fluidity makes high-speed molding more suitable for production. This is because high-speed machining technology has a certain impact on the life of the mold. In addition, the main factors that affect the quality of the mold are the mold size and structural dimensions, especially the clearance requirements for the blanking and drawing molds required in the mold assembly drawing are larger than those of the unidirectional mold (about the mold release height).

Coordinate the strength of injection molding machine parts with structural dimensions, shape accuracy, material thickness, and mold shape. When selecting mold materials, they should meet the requirements of working conditions, mechanical properties, and cost. Hard alloy materials should form a good finish with the surface of the mold cavity, without other material skin markings. If low melting point alloy materials are used, the mold cavity surface should be rough, with low dimensional accuracy, and surface requirements.
In summary, for high-speed injection molding, in addition to the four common precision injection molds mentioned above, there are also precision molds in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, household products, pet products, medical devices, and household appliances. When selecting mold materials, in addition to considering the factory's own mold making capabilities, specifications, and overall dimensions, it is also necessary to consider the final mold material selection. Mold manufacturing accuracy mainly includes requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. The accuracy of a mold mainly depends on the dimensional accuracy, shape, position, and dimensional accuracy of the part. For molds with low surface roughness, shallow depth, shallow depth, and overall fit geometric tolerances that do not require much hardness, the use requirements can already be met.

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