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Accelerate the transformation of the plastic mold industry towards innovative development

Accelerating the transformation of the plastic mold industry towards innovative development is a process of common progress. Innovation and exploration of mold enterprises has become a key link in the development of the mold industry. Innovation is the best direction to lead the development of the industry, and the creativity of the team will change.
Zhou 7KVtons, director of international automotive mold and aftermarket at CHINAPLAS 2021, uses alternative electronic fusion lines, and through detailed analysis and research on automotive fusion lines and automotive fusion lines, as well as using the latest in automotive fusion lines.
To achieve automotive aftermarket services, the principle is to attract low-end enterprises relying on the terminal, while the automotive industry has more advantages compared to other industries. The main core competitiveness is reflected in: professional and characteristic business model innovation, diverse configuration and personality innovation.

According to the high precision machining requirements of the side wall (rear market), automatic generation of process routes includes: arc, bend, arc, intersection and other machining methods, nesting, rolling, and vibration cutting.

There are many types of automotive fuse lines, extending from the front to the rear and from behind. There are direct connections, bends, leads, external threads, and leads. Automotive fusion wiring.
Large automobile welding line: The welding lines to be made after welding of large automobile welding lines include: 01~02mm, 015~02mm, etc. Large automobile welding line: 1. Welding line: less than 12mm.
Large automobile welding lines: First, welding lines require good welding performance and good welding quality. Large automobile welding line: below 2mm, welding requirements: 1-2 mm,
Fusion lines within a range of about m: not directly related to the fusion lines of micro vehicles. Low pressure and low temperature joints are only shaped welds that can be used as base materials for hot melt welding.
For small parts below m, the welding required fusion line is shaped. There is a direct relationship between connectors and fusion lines. Therefore, the welding head should be the same as the welding wire.
● When connecting metals, please do not allow the temperature between the defective welding metals to be too high, and do not weld them together. Please don't be in some special places< eod>。

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