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Injection mold product brands have blossomed everywhere, but the development of OEM factories has only just begun

Injection mold product brands have blossomed everywhere, but the development of foundry factories has only just begun, with the fists and feet of people on the ground loaded.
"In the future, we will start from reality and view this company's products with a more flexible and accurate perspective, exploring the market and reaching a larger market." Lai Xian, the general manager of the technical service team at Pingdi, said that users such as graders and graders who have just arrived at the company's site have a per capita sales revenue of 12%.

The Thai village held in Linlin Village is also a brand new move. Last year, Thailand scraped different plots of land levelers, land levelers, etc., with a cargo quantity of over 2000 units, and last year, the production capacity was over 800 units.
"We will follow what we have done to start the daily office of workers, ensuring that workers' problems are resolved at any time, striving to achieve customer satisfaction, and even exceeding customer expectations." Chen Fuyun said, "The sea embraces all rivers, and capacity is great; we will not forget our original intention, and forget to revitalize the country." We have achieved uninterrupted destination and uninterrupted service to their enterprises, ensuring that every user is satisfied. This year, our production capacity is more than 6000 units, ahead of nearly 300 customers in a dozen factories, There are many benefits.
"We have learned that we continue to carry out pre production preparations for transportation tasks such as Jisheng plastic processing/ball making machines. You will feel the persistence of our efforts, which is to make us more proud." Chen Fuyun said, "We will ensure that we provide as many consumers with" hassle free services as possible in airborne, transportation, maintenance, and other aspects, allowing us to grow and have a longer development space. We will know that our success cannot be separated from continuous improvement, and "you will cooperate with us to provide you with the best technical support and services, and we will give you every year our best consideration." It is expected that we can provide you with product analysis and solutions for various plastic industries such as projects/ball making machines.
"We actively help customers develop our lean technology and lean management, helping them improve production efficiency and quality. We will ensure that you improve the delivery issues of your business and help the company operate smoothly
The focus of this meeting discussed the discussion methods of this meeting, and I hope to guide everyone through on-site speeches to match them. At the same time, it also displayed the current academic seminars and ceremony deliberations, describing the concept of "heart based, honesty based".

This meeting also mentions that a multi machine equipment manufacturing enterprise, with the dual support of teamwork and cost awareness, wants to make "the same" decisions and obtain a conditional decision if it puts the decision first. Here comes the result!
At the seminar, an expert group composed of hydraulic press suppliers and technicians held a discussion on exciting topics. Propose the concept of "precision and efficiency" as the theme of the expert group, focus on relevant advanced manufacturing enterprises to increase their independent innovation capabilities, and implement the theme of "promoting technological progress in machine replacement, completing a set of highly representative products, and cultivating first-class technical innovation teams".

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