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How to select a plastic mold supplier

How to select a plastic mold supplier? Due to the high level of customer understanding of molds and the need to keep records when new injection molding is performed, it is easy for companies to select products that fail to accurately set parameters, resulting in products that cannot meet customer needs. What are the reasons for choosing a plastic mold supplier that cannot meet customer needs? The following is a list of plastic mold suppliers that need to consider from the following aspects: 1. The selection of materials to be provided has a direct impact on the selection of materials. There are three main considerations: 1. The selection of materials to be provided, including material costs and budget costs. Generally, we can provide materials and provide material requirements. The selection of material dimensions and tolerances provided has good reference value for technical engineering and the selection of safety communication and metrological testing. More importantly, it is of great significance for product design, material selection, and quality analysis. The selection of production processes is of great significance for the company's mold design, mold material selection, and quality analysis. Injection molding is a direct injection molding machine for processing, simple, fast, efficient, and economical today. In order to improve the design efficiency of injection molds, the first step is to start with the selection of injection molding machines. The manufacturing efficiency of injection molds also affects the design efficiency of injection molds. Select a suitable injection molding machine. If the specification of the injection molding machine is too small or the strength is too weak, it will affect the use. The reason is that the manufacturing cost of the mold is high, so it is necessary to consider whether it is suitable for injection molding machines during design.
The requirements of the injection molding machine for materials and the use environment. Whether the plasticizing ability (i.e., temperature range) can meet the requirements of injection molding production, i.e., the plasticizing ability, i.e., the production process. Plasticizing ability refers to the requirements of an instrument that applies one or more mechanical forces to a material within a specific temperature range to cause plastic deformation of the material and improve mechanical properties. The plasticizing ability not only includes the selection of materials, but also includes the characteristics of easy cutting or welding. The selection of small plasticizing ability and the determination of small plasticizing ability. The temperature range is one of the main temperature ranges that a material resists. The selection of low-temperature plasticizing ability can be simply expressed as the temperature range. Many plastics, such as polystyrene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, and engineering plastics, can be used for plastic molding and processing. Due to the introduced pressure and flow rate, some fluids or particles may become blocked. Instead, appropriate time needs to be appropriately increased. Different melts, as well as different molding temperatures, require different injection times. High temperature products require larger machines to obtain high-quality products.
A plasticizer that is injected at a high speed and has a low viscosity. It can be used to completely prevent the plastic mixture from sticking together in the form of a melt. During high-speed injection, the air between the injections is melted by high-speed injection and reducing the viscosity. The higher the melting temperature is, the lower the shear force of the air, the higher the melt viscosity, and the better the shear strength of the product. For slower speeds (10 to 40 seconds), the speed is obtained by high-speed switching. For high temperature cavities, the speed is obtained by high-speed switching. The speed of injection molding is determined by the adjustment of the screw speed and injection pressure of the injection machine. While injection with low viscosity and melting temperature can obtain higher

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