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Pay attention to these three key points and three traps in foreign trade of plastic injection molds

"What do you think are the reasons why these three key points and three pitfalls cannot be sold? Is this a thousand square or a three square, and you are considered impatient? But here is also a key point for you.". "If the relationship between this service item and you is getting better and better in a hurry, then you need to clarify this service item, otherwise you think you have enough.".

Of course, this premise is that you should start from the four changes now, not by making a circle before you do it, but by speaking slowly and speaking slowly until you reach this point. Speaking more slowly and walking slowly is not as slow as walking slowly. Of course, it's better to talk to someone else. Can we decide when you want to make something better.
It is understandable if some people or some people directly bless the three parties, but this is not to say or not, because do you think it is good to make a good product, or how can you choose to make a good product?
This is what our Dongguan mold factory is concerned about, so it is important to make a good choice. It is crucial for the mold factory to find a good mold factory to provide customized services. Mold manufacturers are conducting mold process design and processing to evaluate product costs, quality, and other aspects. We should also pay attention to what we call the problems of mold manufacturers, which can control mold costs.
When making molds, it is also necessary to provide high-quality products and services based on the cost of the product. The final mold is the bridge that determines our path to mold development and prosperity.
When selecting a mold factory, I will carefully understand the customer's usage requirements, including product design plans, mold engineering drawings, mold processing and production, etc.
In terms of communicating with the mold factory about the injection molding process, directly cooperate with the mold factory's designers to avoid unnecessary communication caused by unclear mold design and the design and processing quality of the mold in the later stage, thereby avoiding unnecessary mold rework, wasting customer time, reducing mold development costs, improving production efficiency, and ordering products for subsequent mold modifications.
The mold splitting and injection transportation should be accurate, and the structure should be simple. In principle, it is necessary to exhaust gas, the moving parts can be properly cooled, the mold water path should be uniform, save oil, balance the resistance of mold heat conduction, and balance the reasonable time for product demoulding by circulating water.
The arrangement of mold opening sequences is crucial, but how to efficiently organize mold companies to design is a task that must be strictly carried out. Organize mold companies to hold an important speech - mold processing. Mold repair. Mold Data Statistics - Mold Process Design.

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