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Have you grasped the six major trends in the plastic injection mold industry?

● Plastic injection mold, combined injection mold, plastic injection mold (PBT UG series), plastic automatic injection mold, detailed plastic mold, process parameters and molding parameters, mold structure design and processing technology.

● Mold processing (PBT), plastic injection mold processing, plastic injection mold structure design, processing process preparation, mold pouring system, cooling system design, and mold layout design, precision injection mold molding process preparation, mold design, plastic injection mold molding process, injection mold structure design, and processing mold manufacturing, production and post processing (welding, shaping) of plastic parts.

● Plastic injection mold, plastic injection mold structural design, processing process preparation, and molding process personnel.
● Mold molding process: mold design, plastic injection mold, mold manufacturing, injection mold materials, molding processes, and post processing.
● Plastic injection mold processing: After the plastic injection mold is changed, the concrete mold is decomposed into PC, PMMA, PA, etc., and the margin should be considered reasonable.
● Plastic injection mold processing, injection mold assembly, and engineering design teams should check the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the product, and ensure that the product has a long service life (typically more than 6 months). Clean up the debris inside the mold in a timely manner to avoid defects such as lack of glue and overflow.
● Mold assembly should start from the mold base and edges; The gap between the two sliding plates is smaller than the mold base thickness; According to the quality requirements of the product, remove the slider core form, and confirm its sliding component when the soft substrate should be pulled out from the slider core mold base as a whole. 9、 When confirming the installation of the mold, first remove the mold sleeve, check the installation position and size of the sliding component, and confirm that there is no error before punching into the mold cavity.
● If the upper mold is too small or the configuration back pressure is too heavy, the brake is too close to the blocking valve, the brake pulls the steel ball, or uses asphalt marble for filtering, causing the main valve core to break.
Note: The product of this project is auto die casting, currently customized for foreign customers, like the two curves of Beijing Benz, for customers to choose from. The minimum order quantity is 400KG/day. If there is any need, please call to inquire about the price< eod>。

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