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As a plastic injection mold manufacturer all of our molds are made in-house and maintained by our mold making staff. Lead times to build your mold and send samples range from 5 days to 5 weeks. Our unlimited tooling life warranty means you will never see another tooling charge for the life of your project. Prototype Injection Molding Our prototype molds offer fast delivery of production quality plastic prototypes. Prototypes can help you reduce design risks before building multi-cavity molds and they can bridge low volume production quantities for low overall costs.

Elitemolding is the recognized leader in the overmolding of thermoplastic elastomers
(TPEs). Our overmold TPEs have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates,
from polyolefins, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, to engineering resins,
such as PC, ABS, acetal and nylon.
Elitemolding has developed several innovative technologies that have continued to set
the standard in overmolding. Our overmolding product line includes a variety of
TPE technologies designed to deliver optimum adhesion to many engineering
plastics in both insert and two-shot molding processes.
When working with Elitemolding, you get the benefit of a world-class
application development team spanning:
• Component design knowledge.
• Valuable tooling input.
• Creativity in molding process knowledge and material combinations.
• Compound development to meet specific application requirements.
The Elitemolding Overmolding Guide is a comprehensive discussion of issues that are
critical to achieving high quality overmolded products. This guide is a compilation
of over thirteen years of experience in the development, design and processing
of overmolding TPEs, based on contributions from a variety of Elitemolding and 
industry sources.

Overmolding Process Selection
A processor will weigh numerous factors when choosing the appropriate manufacturing method
for the application. The most critical decision factors are production scale economics, local labor
costs, available equipment and the materials selected. 
Generally, insert molding is the process of choice when annual production volumes and local labor
costs are low. For higher volume production programs (over 250,000 units annually) or areas with
increased labor costs, multi-shot molding operations are the method of choice.
With any overmolding application, the challenge is in achieving maximum adhesion between the
TPE and the substrate. For some overmolding TPEs, there may be a significant difference in bond
strength between multi-shot and insert molding. Even if an excellent bond is achieved with two-shot
molding, the same material may have poor bond strength when insert molded. Thus, a complete
understanding of the TPEs, engineering plastics, and associated details about molding these materials
is essential to produce high-quality finished products. 

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By co-operating with Elite Mold, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified plastic mold manufacturer, Elite Mold as a plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, prototype makings, mold flow analysis, precise machining, OEM services, ODM services and so on, building custom plastic injection molding. We are committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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