moldflow analysis

Because good mold design is half successful for good molds, so comprehensive moldflow analysis is most key to good molded parts ! We will focus on moldflow analysis for each project to study any potential problems before mold fabrications. Good mold flow analysis can save many costs for future !

Mesh Thickness Diagnostic
Initial nozzle
Flow rate 30%
Flow rate 100%
Fill time – Contour
Pressure at V/p swithchover
Pressure at the end of fill
Clamp Force
Time to freeze
Deflection Z component

Our Certificates

By co-operating with Elite Mold, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified plastic mold manufacturer, Elite Mold as a plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, prototype makings, mold flow analysis, precise machining, OEM services, ODM services and so on, building custom plastic injection molding. We are committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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